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just_a_chick_03's Journal

Sugar Tits
5 February 1971
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7-eleven, a.m. homes, amputees, amy sedaris, anais nin, animals, apple jacks, archie mcphee, atomic fireballs, b-movies, bangs, bathroom humor, beastie boys, beck, betty bangs, blue cheese, blues, books, bukowski, burlesque, candles, candy, cartoons, charles bukowski, cheese, cheese and crackers, cherry sours, chicago, christian schad, circle jerks, confessional books, control machete, coop, craigslist, crayons, crossword puzzles, cults, dogs, easy sudoku, eavesdropping, ella fitzgerald, elvis costello, etta james, family guy, film noir, foamy, frances farmer, friends, funk, girls, gore, home movies, hot baths, hot stone massages, hunter s. thompson, iced coffee, iced tea, illeana douglas, inappropriate humor, incense, interpol, ish, john waters, johnny cash, kraftwerk, lemon heads, lenny bruce, leon redbone, leslie and the lys, limeade, lipstick, lloyd cole, logan square, loretta lux, lou malnati's pizza, louis prima, lowbrow art, lunching, mac & cheese, making lists, mark ryden, massages, mental hospitals, movies, mp3s, music, nag champa, nunzilla, oddities, ogling, old movies, open minds, parker posey, patsy cline, peaches, peewee herman, people watching, photo booths, pie, pixy stix, pizza, playing dress up, quimby's, quirks, rap, reading, reality tv, religious icons, rockabilly, roller derby, rolling stones, scars, scrawl, sea monkeys, shag, shopping at goodwill, sleeping, slinkys, slurpees, south park, strawberries, sweets, swimming, the color blue, the fall, the pixies, the ramones, tom waits, toys, trevor brown, unix, vincent gallo, vixens, voodoo dolls, wild at heart