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May. 3rd, 2010

why isnt every one mind readers and asking me to do stuff tonight???

Feb. 17th, 2010

Dog still sick, woke up to see him in puke and poop, musta happened sometime during the night poor guy
Jeff bathed him while i cleaned up his box, bed, blankets and floor
it was totally nasty
I gave him 1/2 a pepto pill yesterday cause he was squirty in the morning 2 days in a row

i have to go into the office tomorrow for my new latop

if dog is still sick, ill have to take him into vet on fri

he ate his breakfast and is sleeping now, he slept a lot yesterday too but i thought seemed better

we all been a little off/sick
jeff and i are doing better
happy birthday to me

tonight i met someone that i wasnt sure if they were a man or a woman, and i thought i heard them say their name was stanley. i like to repeat peoples names cause i forget them easily, so i said stanley? and she said no, natalie

there better be some missed connection listings for me for my birthday today
awww man! Teddy Pendegrass Only You and now The Bar-Keys Soul Finger!! god i love R&B Classics channel

anyway back to Otto
Jeff headed out a little over an hour ago to pick something up, wasnt gonna take Otto with him (aww ya now The Capitals Cool Jerk..damn now i gotta go dance to this one brb)
otto was just so cute i never saw him this demanding and insistent!
He cried! like really cried! then he laid down on the floor looking up at Jeff all sad, laid all submissive-like and just begging it broke our hearts..he had to take him

you just had to see it...

Jan. 12th, 2010

Please go to donnatouch.com and vote for my friend Donna to send her to Vegas for a burlesque showdown! Please!

Nov. 22nd, 2009

I don't usually see things that aren't really there, but I think I hear things that aren't really there
Sometimes I think Im a drug, sometimes a secret superhero, secret to myself too
My dog Otto has the base smell of maple syrup.

I have one of those annoying dry coughs
the kind that chokes you up
the kind that cough drops have no affect on
the really annoying kind
like I have TB or something
it also makes me grumpy
im gonna eat enchiladas for breakfast
I fucking hate the holidays!!

emails with mom

I emailed Mom:
What days were you thinking about going and coming back from bham?
Just in case im looking at flights too, like leaving weds coming back on saturday and its about $300

you are correct on the days - or come back Sunday - however it goes
$300.00 is too much money - $200 is reasonable.
Are you worried about spending one extra day with us??

The idea is too relax and enjoy time with family.

Me:(and added in my sister cause it applies to her too
sounds like you are pressuring me to relax
you realize that is counter productive...right?

my ulcer is acting up, im not drinking too much
i never drink that much, you should know that, i go out, but nurse 1 drink or slow it with soda or water in between

holidays are not relaxing, they never have been
i like spending time with family
like in florida
i like spending time when i visit ohio
holidays are stressful, everyone is high strung, including me

I used to visit you guys twice a year
i am visiting much more often now but i still get shit like "dont you want to spend time with us, one more day would kill you?"
thats stress not fun, and when i do visit, its not enough, sister didnt get her time, you didnt get your time, and when i am alone with you i get lots of remarks on jeff....also not fun

i try to keep things light and fun, and do stuff together

i do want to come see you guys, I DO come and see you guys, and besides the guilt I get, I DO enjoy spending time with you